InstallFest for IoT Creators


Get Going together

Every month we organize InstallFests for everyone who ordered a Starter-SIM . To hear from you how far you are, what questions you have and the challenges you encounter. We see new faces, old friends and hear what you need to use on our IoT network. Allowing us to improve our services.

We have developed manuals that will help you realize a Hello World. Our team is there to help and share their knowledge on our network. It is of vital importance to receive your feedback, and learn about the needs the you have. Information sharing and learning from each other is at the center of the InstallFests. A casual low key and open event.

The InstallFest usually has the same structure and location, but we also depart regularly to different locations in the Netherlands. From 14.00 am we started and we will help you continue your IoT solution. Of course we provide drinks and snacks.


Do you also want to come to an InstallFest? Check the agenda:

Upcoming InstallFests:

  • 07 Aug 2020 (location t.b.d)
  • 25 Aug 2020 (location t.b.d)

Don’t have any hardware (yet)? Order a Dev-Kit Let us know in your registration and we will bring material that you can use during the InstallFest. This way everyone can get started with IoT!