‘EersteLijns SignaleringsApparaat (ELSA), A first line signaling device

Elsa is a system used by general practices to notify a courier service that a sample can be picked up and transported to a Laboratory for analysis. Elsa consists of a smart tray that is placed in a medical refrigerator that detects samples placed into it as well as the ambient temperature in the refrigerator. The smart tray is a battery powered and connected to the NB-IoT network of T-Mobile.


The complete ELSA system is build up with the following part:

  • Dutch Devices base board (DDB 2.0)
    • I2C/SPI/IO port
    • Serial port
    • GPS
    • NB-IoT/LTE-M
    • Motion and temperature sensor
  • Dutch Devices object detection sensor
  • Dutch Device Cloud Service
  • Dutch Devices App and Portal

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