Fleximodo IoT sensor detects and reports the presence or absence of a vehicle on a parking slot and enables parking management through unique IoT electronic permitting.

IoT sensors are available for installation below the surface and on the surface (with a simple adapter) on the street. The sensor detects the presence or absence of a vehicle (free – occupied). Information about the change of occupancy status is transmitted via IoT to the cloud. Thanks to auto-calibration these sensors are maintenance-free and easy to deploy. The sensor is equipped with a high-quality battery with online monitoring based on AI with online re-calculation. The installation and sensor analytic application (Android + IOS) is provided as well.


Detection method: 3-axis magnetic field & nanoradar
Dimensions: 90 mm x 52 mm
Ingress protection: IP68
Operating temperature: -40 to +75 °C
Battery life: 8+ years
Weight: 300 g
Casing: Ultrasonic welded into one piece
Impact resistance: IK10
Power: 3.6V, 14 Ah alt. 19 Ah
Network: NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoraTM, SigFox, + BLE 5

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