The impact of a fire caused by hayfire is enormous, both for humans and animals! With the Temperature Alert Stick (TAS) fire can easily be prevented. If the material temperature rises too high as a result of heating, you will be informed in time. This way you can also take care of the quality of your stock and avoid deterioration.

The Temperature Alert Stick (TAS) has been developed in cooperation with insurer Interpolis to detect in a timely manner any build-up in packed materials. This applies to, but is not limited to, hay, earth, paper, tires, wood, cocoa, textiles and recycled materials. You will receive a timely alert when the temperature in the material stack increases via your smartphone, tablet or PC. With the TAS you not only avoid the risk of material and immaterial fire damage, but also potential depreciation of your stock.


  • sharp iron tip allowing the sensor to also be inserted into pressed bales
  • the sensor is supplied in two lengths, one and two metres. This makes it possible to measure deeper into the stored materials.
  • communicates about LPWAN so that measurements can also be taken in places where no internet is available.
  • A portal is provided to read the temperatures. in the portal the alarms can be set up and the times at which measurements should take place.
  • The alarms are adjustable
  • Water resistant

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