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Design team-pana

Wireless NB-IoT loggers

Efento NB-IoT sensors transmit the data over cellular network (Narrowband IoT) and do not require any additional devices (router, gateway, etc.). Sensors are also equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy interface, which allows quick and easy configuration with a smartphone. Efento NB-IoT sensors can be integrated with any cloud platform and measure different parameters:

  • Temperature (incl. external probe)
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Pulse counter
  • Water leak
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)


  • Temperature: -35 to +70°C
  • Humidity: 0 to 100% RH
  • Pressure: 300 to 1100 hPa
  • Batteries ensure up to 10 years of maintenance free operation
  • NB-IoT sensors send the data over the cellular network to Efento Cloud or any other cloud platform.
  • Measurement period: 1 minute – 10 days (configurable by the user)
  • User configurable alarm thresholds. If any of the thresholds is exceeded, sensor will send the data to the platform immediately
  • The device stores 40,000 measurements in its memory, when the memory is full, the oldest measurements are overwritten
  • Sensor’s configuration can be changed remotely from the cloud or with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy

NB-IoT Comfort Sensor

Measure indoor comfort by monitoring CO2, temperature, humidity, presence


Long Range communiction over NB-IoT network

Control the comfort of the room by measuring.

The sensor knows if someone is in the room.

Power supply : 2x 3.6V Lithium batteries
IoT Communication : NB-IoT
Battery life : approximately 1 year
Dimensions : -x-x-mm
Color / Material : white gray / ABS
Configuration : USB

IMBUILDINGS NB-IoT Comfort Sensor CO2-min

NB-IoT People Counter

Easy installation for accurate counting without the need for setting up count lines or calibration and so on..


Long Range communication over NB-IoT network

The NB-IoT People Counter works with horizontal infrared technology.

No camera or personal data is used, meaning you will not have issues regarding the European GDPR.

Power Supply : 2x 1.5V Alkaline batteries
IoT Communication: NB-IoT
IR Count Line : 8 meter max.
Battery life : approximately 1 year
Dimensions : 116x69x22mm
Color / Material : white / ABS
Configuration : NFC (Android App)


Smart Parking Solutions

Fleximodo IoT sensor detects and reports the presence or absence of a vehicle on a parking slot and enables parking management through unique IoT electronic permitting.

Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 04.24.26

IoT sensors are available for installation below the surface and on the surface (with a simple adapter) on the street. The sensor detects the presence or absence of a vehicle (free – occupied). Information about the change of occupancy status is transmitted via IoT to the cloud. Thanks to auto-calibration these sensors are maintenance-free and easy to deploy. The sensor is equipped with a high-quality battery with online monitoring based on AI with online re-calculation. The installation and sensor analytic application (Android + IOS) is provided as well.

Detection method: 3-axis magnetic field & nanoradar
Dimensions: 90 mm x 52 mm
Ingress protection: IP68
Operating temperature: -40 to +75 °C
Battery life: 8+ years
Weight: 300 g
Casing: Ultrasonic welded into one piece
Impact resistance: IK10
Power: 3.6V, 14 Ah alt. 19 Ah
Network: NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoraTM, SigFox, + BLE 5

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Water Quality Monitoring


The SODAQ WATER is a fully autonomous, solar-powered water quality sensor that monitors water conductivity and temperature. The collected EC and temperature data is sent over an IoT network to a straightforward dashboard, allowing remote detection of changes in the water condition at an early stage. The sensor works with a pair of specially designed interacting probes, which are calibrated over the whole measurement range and offset to match each individual probe. Each measurement is automatically adjusted for temperature. The SODAQ WATER is a trusted solution already used by water authorities, local governments and in the agricultural sector.


  • LTE-M / NB-IoT Connectivity
  • Real-time accurate water conductivity and temperature measurement
  • Pre-calibrated at production and self-calibration to reduce long-term accuracy drift
  • Solar powered and charged with nighttime battery
  • Location information via GPS
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Direct serial connectivity for verbose data output and device calibration
  • Data insights on SODAQ dashboard (optional)

Interested? Get in contact with us through info@sodaq.com or give us a call at +31 35 300 0301


Tracking Solutions


SODAQ TRACK is a low power, lightweight and low cost GPS tracker implementable in a variety of industrial use cases. Its universal design means it can be implemented in a wide range of applications that result in improved operational efficiency, transparency and risk mitigation. SODAQ proposes three models with alternative functionalities to suit all use cases: one with a solar panel (TRACK SOLAR), one with a Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (TRACK ACTIVE), and one with 4 AA batteries (TRACK RECOVER). SODAQ TRACK is currently being developed and will be launched in January 2021.

The complete TRACK solution offered is:

  • TRACK Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Data storage
  • Real-time data access
  • API Data access
  • Thingsboard or SILICA dashboard solution

Interested? Get in contact with us through info@sodaq.com or give us a call at +31 35 300 0301

Sodaq solutions

Temperature Alert Stick

The impact of a fire caused by hayfire is enormous, both for humans and animals! With the Temperature Alert Stick (TAS) fire can easily be prevented. If the material temperature rises too high as a result of heating, you will be informed in time. This way you can also take care of the quality of your stock and avoid deterioration.


The Temperature Alert Stick (TAS) has been developed in cooperation with insurer Interpolis to detect in a timely manner any build-up in packed materials. This applies to, but is not limited to, hay, earth, paper, tires, wood, cocoa, textiles and recycled materials. You will receive a timely alert when the temperature in the material stack increases via your smartphone, tablet or PC. With the TAS you not only avoid the risk of material and immaterial fire damage, but also potential depreciation of your stock.


  • sharp iron tip allowing the sensor to also be inserted into pressed bales
  • the sensor is supplied in two lengths, one and two metres. This makes it possible to measure deeper into the stored materials.
  • communicates about LPWAN so that measurements can also be taken in places where no internet is available.
  • A portal is provided to read the temperatures. in the portal the alarms can be set up and the times at which measurements should take place.
  • The alarms are adjustable
  • Water resistant
temperatuur-alert-stick-kit-3-sticks-incl-1-jaar-gratis-abonnement (1)

Mobility Sensing

Mobility Sensing builds new sensing networks to monitor traffic and transport.

mobility solutions

StreetSense takes every street online. It continuously counts passing vehicles, monitors road surface temperatures, driving conditions and the level of road salt. Live information is relayed to the StreetSense Dashboard every 10 minutes, every hour or every day. The Dashboard conveniently presents the live and historic information in lists, graphs and maps. The raw data is made available through a live data feed, allowing easy integration into web and smartphone apps, traffic analysis, and traffic planning and management systems.


  • Connectivity: LTE-M
  • Operating range: -20 to + 60 Celsius
  • Single charge lifespan: 1 to 3 years (depending on configuration)
  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Modular and swappable: outer sleeve is glued into the road surface, device is securely locked into outer sleeve using special key.
  • Configurable and upgradable: can be configured and updated over the air
Mobility sensing device

Groundwater Monitoring

ElliTrack loggers are field data-loggers that log and transmit measured values with a pre-set interval time through mobile internet. The data goes to ElliTrack.nl where it can be visualized, forwarded and downloaded through XML, e-mail or FTP.


ElliTrack units can issue an alarm when a pre-set minimum or maximum is exceeded. Alarms can be SMS messages and e-mail messages.
Mobile internet and fixed LAN interface
ElliTrack units can be equipped with a GSM modem or a fixed LAN interface.
Stand-alone and field units
An ElliTrack unit can be battery powered or mains powered.
Data processing
Data can be downloaded in CSV format for further processing. Export to other systems is possible through e-mail, FTP and the optional XML API.
Special applications and OEM versions
ElliTrack unit can be designed and produced customer specific to fit your application.


  • Dimensions: 49mm x 230mm
  • Material: POM and Stainless steel
  • Protection class: IP67 / 2 meter under water for 2 hours max.
  • Battery type (user exchangeable): Lithium 3V6 14Ah
  • Battery capacity: min. 1500 transmissions in 2G & min 40000 in NBIoT
  • Sensor type: absolute or barometric pressure compensated barometric pressure compensation of housing GORE filter
  •  Measurements: water pressure, temperature in sensor, temperature in logger
leiderorp instruments device

Water Metering

Float IoT іѕ а company thаt develops аnd рrоvіdеѕ highly innovative and cost-efficient IoT ѕоlutіоnѕ for the wаtеr market. It ѕuррlіеѕ hardware, ѕоftwаrе аnd other necessary IoT platform components for both our system іntеgrаtоrѕ as well as end сuѕtоmеrѕ.

output-onlinejpgtools (1)

Float understands that wаtеr management and аѕѕеt management аrе thе tор рrіоrіtіеѕ for most оf оur clients, ѕо wе mаkе uѕе оf оur efficient hardware platform саllеd thе Flоаt Wave.


Flоаt Wave is a top notch and rоbuѕt connectivity module which ѕuрроrtѕ all the mоdеrn and latest IOT networks ѕuсh аѕ NB-IоT, Sigfox and LoRa аѕ well аѕ the more traditional M2M/GPRS.


Container Tracker

The ConTracker localizes and tracks containers and other large objects for a long period (10 years). Most of the containers do not stop at Dutch borders. That is why JENG IoT, together with T-Mobile, realized the NB-IoT ConTracker to track across Europe and beyond. By utilizing the most innovative LPWAN technologies no external power source is required.


The ConTracker is especially designed to be used on containers but is suitable for all big objects. Situated in the Netherlands with the worldwide leading container terminals in the port of Rotterdam, JENG’s customers want to track their containers through Europe. The ConTracker is available for several IoT technologies like e.g. LoRaWAN or NB-IoT. Where LoRaWAN has limitations in roaming possibilities, JENG’s ConTracker is deployable in all European countries using T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network.

On request

For more information feel free to contact us via mail info@jeng.io or call us directly on 0031 85 301 2209


Monitoring of Laboratory Analysis

‘EersteLijns SignaleringsApparaat (ELSA), A first line signaling device


Elsa is a system used by general practices to notify a courier service that a sample can be picked up and transported to a Laboratory for analysis. Elsa consists of a smart tray that is placed in a medical refrigerator that detects samples placed into it as well as the ambient temperature in the refrigerator. The smart tray is a battery powered and connected to the NB-IoT network of T-Mobile.

The complete ELSA system is build up with the following part:

  • Dutch Devices base board (DDB 2.0)
    • I2C/SPI/IO port
    • Serial port
    • GPS
    • NB-IoT/LTE-M
    • Motion and temperature sensor
  • Dutch Devices object detection sensor
  • Dutch Device Cloud Service
  • Dutch Devices App and Portal
DD1 (1)

IoT- solutions

For Datawatt smart IoT-solutions mean more than producing large amounts of data. We help gather, send and interpretate data and connect it to relevant actions. Our goal is to offer complete solutions. We take care of the integration of data from the location up to your business system


The data is collected and send with our IoT-datalogger. Our IoT-connector and Stream webscada make the data available in your central business system. With our complete IoT-solutions, we are able to connect almost all equipment and sensors that assembles data within your infrastructural network or process. We offer reliable data, easily processed and presented.

On request

Datawatt IoT architecture

XBS-200 Multi-Sensor

A multi protocol multi sensor with a huge amount of different sensor options and uplink protocols for professional purposes and features like:

  • Temperature
  • Rel. humidity
  • Motion
  • People Counting
  • Static air pressure
  • VOC
  • CO2
  • Brightness
  • UV index
  • Vibration/orientation/shock
  • Customizable


  • Power Supply: External or 4x AA Li 3.6V -> >10Ah
  • Battery Life: Depends on configuration, up to 10 years
  • IoT Communication: NB-IoT / LTE-M, WLAN, wireless M-Bus
  • Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
  • Color/Material: white & Black, ABS
  • Configuration: Local USB console or IoT Communication Backchannel

Bridge Structure Monitoring

A lot of bridges in the Netherlands are at the end of their lifecycle. It is a demanding task to keep them safe and operational. The Floepp IoT solution enables this by being the fastest in signalling structural damage in buildings and infrastructure!

The Floepp IoT solution consists of IoT centers, powered by a solar panel. With our modular, scalable and automated solution different parts can be monitored. The data points are pooled into one cloud tool, providing valuable end to end insights. The IoT centers can contain multiple sensor modules, like inclination, strain with glass fiber, vibrations and more.



  • Data pushed every second / 15min / daily
  • IP67
  • Mounted via screws
  • Data accessible via API
  • Comes with web application
  • Expandable with different sensor modules