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Revolutionize your IoT data delivery

No need to worry about protocols and message brokerage anymore. Easily get your data via webhooks to any endpoint by using our portal or API.

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Protocol Adapters

Use your favorite IoT protocol

We speak several of them fluently

We support a lot of different protocols out of the box and you can even use them in parallel.




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Need help selecting the right protocol?
What is the difference between TCP and UDP? How does LWM2M, MQTT or CoAP work and what are the respective advantages and disadvantages?
Message Broker

Never worry about message delivery again

Send all the messages you want and how you want, we will deliver them to you.

You’ve got mail payload!

Our message broker converts the messages from your various messaging protocol flavors into a uniform format for the receiving endpoint. The broker validates, stores, routes, and delivers the messages to your pre-defined destination.

Abstraction of protocols
Message queue ensures data delivery in order
Uniform data delivery to defined endpoints
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Web Portal

Manage all your devices in ONE place

Register your devices in minutes, manage them in projects, and share access with your team.

Send and receive payload messages (up-/downlink)
Set your application endpoints and define header tags
See your IP history
Update your device firmware-over-the-air (FOTA)
Order SIM cards and new plans
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Get you data anywhere in no time!

Send your payload messages automatically to your application endpoint

Simple to use

Webhooks are simple one-to-one connections, which push new data automatically to the endpoint every time new data comes in.

Real-time data

Data transmission is immediate compared to standard APIs which need to regularly pool for information to retrieve real-time data.

Platform Integration

As webhooks use HTTP it is pretty simple to add it to an application without the need to create a new infrastructure.
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Get you IoT platform on the hook

We have huge library of by step by step webhook integration with you favorite IoT platforms.

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