Global LoRaWAN deployments with LTE-M backhaul

Simple, secure and scalable

Stay independent with LTE-M

Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH is expanding its ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) by combining a wide variety of technologies. In cooperation with The Things Industries, it is opening up access for devices that use LoRaWan connectivity.

Future proof backhaul
LTE-M network as one of modern IoT technologies is likely to replace 2G/3G in the coming years.
Deeper indoor penetration
One of LTE-M’s advantages is the deep indoor penetration capabilities. Making sure you are flexible in placing the LoRaWAN gateway.
No-Touch provisioning
The gateways come pre-provisioning, so powering them on is the only installation step. It effects on lower total cost of ownership
Lower cost
LTE-M connectivity is cheaper than LTE. So, why spend money on a subscription plan that your use case doesn’t need?