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mobile IoT network

Deutsche Telekom’s mobile IoT network provides excellent network coverage and maximum reliability for your IoT project.

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Mobile IoT network

Mobile communication optimized for your IoT solutions

Our service includes a fully managed mobile network with technologies optimized for IoT. NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT/LTE Cat-NB) and LTE-M (CAT-M) open up new technical possibilities and lower the cost of large-scale IoT deployments.

Enables transmission of small data packages over long distances.
Superior coverage to GSM due to high-power density in narrow bandwidth.
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Licensed frequencies means no interference and high availability.
Reduced power consumption due to battery-saving features.
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Your device data is securely protected by the use a of a private APN.
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More about our NB-IoT network More about our LTE-M network
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Global Roaming

Let's stay connected everywhere

Our highly power-efficient and global IoT network has NB-IoT and LTE-M coverage in many countries

Battery saving modes

Keep going and going and going and

Our IoT network has several features that enable this extra low power consumptions (subject to availability per country and local conditions)

Set radio module in sleep mode
Put radio module to sleep for up to 310 hours
Energy consumption is only a few microamperes during sleep
The radio module can automatically exit sleep mode and send the data without having to establish a connection first
Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum by controlling sleep time as optimally as feasible.
Extend the listening intervals
The device's listening time to the network can be adjusted, e.g. when the device mainly receives data and not sends data
Listening interval can be extended with eDRX every 10 seconds to once every three hours
Example of use-case: irrigation system, which can then be operated remotely.
Long Periodic TAU
Reduce Tracking Area Updates
An TAU lets the network know that the device is still ‘alive’ and exchanges cell information and security keys.
The TAU usually happens every 310 hours, but can be adjusted.
After a PSM expires, a TAU will automatically inform the network that it needs to keep a connection. Otherwise an energy- and time-consuming reattach needs to take place.
Extra secure

Never worry about data security again

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SIM encryption
Our radio network uses complex and difficult to crack SIM encryption (128 – 256 bits) to send your data encrypted by default.
Your device is less vulnerable to hackers, because it is not directly connected to the internet. Our service capability server ensures secure data transportation between your device and your IoT platform.
Network encryption
The data is encrypted between the NB-IoT device and our network using the standard LTE encryption. Between the network and the application environment, the data is protected using standard TLS encryption
Flood protection
Out IoT network has an integrated overload flood protection when a device sends too many messages in a short period of time. By detecting this, the network can be protected against overloading, so that the other devices that do function properly do not suffer from this.