Your console, network server and data credits at one place

Hi! We’re iotcreators. And we love battery-powered IoT devices. For several years, we have provided device management and data delivery for both cellular IoT devices and LoRaWAN. And now it’s time to help you with your devices on Helium’s network as well.

Early Access Offer

1,00 EUR*

per device per month

1000 Helium Data Credits
1000 Helium Data Credits
1000 DC included per month
Data delivery via HTTP(S)
Receive device data to any web application via HTTP(S)
30 day data buffer
Retrieve data up to 30 days old
Device Management GUI or API
Devices can be managed via GUI backend and our API

*As this is an introduction price, this tariff applies to all devices which are registered before September 1st 2023