IoT Creators Events

Stay updated with our schedule for upcoming events:

  • 21st April - Stockholm
  • 11th May - Barcelona - Register here
  • 19th May - Online Community Meetup at Discord - Join us here
  • 21-23th June - Nürnberg

Get going together

Regularly we organize Installfests for everyone who ordered a starterkit . During the Installfests you can tell us how far you are or what kind of questions and challenges you have w.r.t. the development of your IoT solution. We’ll make sure that you will get help from other community members or the tech heroes from Deutsche Telekom’s IoT team.


We have developed manuals that will help you to send a Hello World. Our team is there to help and share their knowledge on our network. It is of vital importance to receive your feedback, and learn about the needs you have. Information sharing and learning from each other is at the center of the Installfests. A casual low key and open event without slides or presentations.

Would you like to speak to our team?

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