M-Bus NB-IoT converter

made by ACRIOS Systems
M-BUS gatewayNB-IoTLoRaWAN

“Turn any M-Bus meter into a smart meter”

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Use Cases

Heating plants
Gas valves
Sensor readings
AC temperature

Key features

IP65 rating
External antenna with SMA connector
LUA scripting interface
Power supply by D-cell battery or external 220V AC
WAGO installation clamps
Support of 5UL connected devices


Smart metering and custom R&D partner

We solve the problem of collecting data from different types of meters for our customers. Within our portfolio we offer products capable of reading data from meters using M-Bus, wM-Bus, RS-485, Modbus or S0 pulse input.

The products fall under the domain of the so-called Internet of Things and send the acquired data over LoRaWAN or NB-IoT network.

We also deal with the concept of smart city, controlled public lighting and its management.

In the field of custom development services, we cooperate with leading companies engaged in the development and production of semiconductors. We started our cooperation based on our long experience with embedded and functional safety systems.